A Message from Rocky

With Change Comes Challenge

Both challenge and change are forever intermingled. Love them both! They are integral parts of what drives and motivates me, what about you? The most successful people embrace change and challenge. We roll with the flow, sometimes pedal to the metal, and sometimes without the clear understanding of the dynamics of change and challenge. Too many of us are paralyzed through by the thought of change and stifled by the fear of a more challenging tomorrow. You have been faithful and diligent with your wellness program so far by making the decision to act. You have already noticed a change mentally. If you have yet to notice a change, what is holding you back?

My job is to define and clarify one key area: Your physical fitness which does include your nutrition. Your biology is your biography. I want to help you achieve peak performance in a functional manner with health the first objective. I will give you the TOOLS TO BE FIT.

My job is also to make sure you understand the link between your physical health and the other components of wellness: mental, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, environmental, political and economic. When it is all said and done, you will go out on your own and package it how you want. Remember, the road to wellness is never a payoff, it is a never-ending process. It’s a journey, never a destination. The whole person wins in the end.

I want you to become fit, unafraid and prepared for life’s challenges. Change and challenge are constant like seasons. I embrace change— will you? What do you aspire to be? I ask you to change with me. Challenge me to give you more.

There is so much more to conquer,

Rocky Reeves