What They’re Saying...

at Providence Hospital

“I really like the RHF boot camp workouts for the variety of things we do to work different muscles and body parts, the length of time we do the class for, the convenience of the location here at Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC), the encouraging but relatively low pressure push to perform, and the attention to different abilities.”

- Anne G.

“Sign up for this work out. It works. I have become the biggest booster for fitness boot camp... no cheerleading, no meathead... just matter of fact, do this the best you can, and push yourself past where you think you can go. It works. My wife has noticed.”

-Larry B.

“I am always fully exhausted at the end of a session. I am truly stronger and even more fit after just one session! This will remain a part of my normal life!”

-William L.

“I had a colleague return from a 2 week vacation...and the first thing she said to me was “you are losing weight” - so that was validating. I feel like I am releasing weight naturally and it is getting easier to make consistently healthier food, work, and life choices.”

-Colleen T.

Corporate Fitness Delivered

A win-win for employer and employee

Increase morale, promote healthier lifestyles and boost efficiency.

Adopting a corporate fitness program is one of the best decisions a company can make. Healthy employees miss fewer work days, lower healthcare costs, work harder, increase productivity, boost efficiency, increase morale, and grow the bottom line. Corporate fitness programs are always a win-win for your company’s bottom line & employee’s health.

Gain a healthy competitive advantage. For every $1 invested you can see a return as high as $7.40. You are part of the team devoted to the health of your company. You are expected to help make it efficiently lean, robust enough to survive temporary market setbacks, and flexible enough to handle rapid changes in today’s volatile economy. You can help your company’s employees become healthier, and as a result more productive.

We can make this happen through our convenient RHF Burn30 Bootcamp classes. In only 30 minutes a day we can offer a structured environment that produces amazing results. We offer exceptional rates for corporations.

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We offer on-location Bootcamp training or Studio Bootcamp training for our corporate programs.